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Friday, November 30, 2007

More Vista

I liked what I saw when I loaded Vista Home Premium on my spare computer. So, I decided to load up my main computer with a copy of Vista Ultimate. I got an educational licence from this place. I guess rank hath its privileges. I upgraded it over my XP Home instead of clean install because I couldn't be bothered with reinstall and whatnot. The system appeared to go through ok... Then. The first thing I noticed was... Shite a lot of programs aren't working on this! Great. I'll have to get newer versions of software starting with my graphics driver. Wonderful. After I've done all that, I wanted to see how much Vista dragged down my system. People say Vista is slower... I just wanted to see by how much on my own machine. I used this benchmark proggie to see how bad Vista is for my computer (sorry, appears to be Japanese only). With XP Home at the highest settings I was getting 9900+ points. Now with Vista I get... around 7500 points mark. Wow. Talking about slowing the machine down. So much for a quad-core CPU. I might have to get another graphics card to do an SLI to bring the score back to where it was...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Christmas Party

I went to the lab end of the year/Christmas party at the bosses' place. As usual, they went overboard with food; the best stuff, in huge quantity. Appetizers were almost enough to make me full. Then the main course; steak and salmon came out. They were topped up with desserts; a chocolate cake, a lemon tart and a pie... We also did a secret Santa thingy. All in all it was a pretty good evening.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Australia votes 2007

Well. To me it's a garden gnome vs. ear wax muncher...

And looks like the muncher is going to be the next PM. It's about bloody time we get a new one...

Monday, November 05, 2007

More congrats are in order

I was chatting with one of my friend back from Australia. Found out that him and his wife are expecting their first child in next January. Also found out from him that another of our common friend is getting married. Congrats to all of them.