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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I'm... About 15 kg overweight from my best... When I caught up with a friend for the first time in 13 years... He told me that I changed so much. I guess he meant I packed on weight. Well. That's it. I seriously need to do something about it.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Catching up with friends (and twins)

I went out to my friends' place today to catch up with them as well as their twin sons. Apparently I was the first person to witness the two blobs that were to become the beautiful twins. And I have a new respect for those who choose to bring a life into this world. My friends (both the hubby and the wife) go back a while; back from my grad student days. They came around to pick me up. Then off to their place... I got to meet the hubby's parents and said hello to them. Then... The two bouncing twins. I couldn't really say to whom they looked like; I guess the size of the babies came from the father's side while the dark eyes came from the mom's side. Anyway. I held them both, but one took longer to get used to; apparently that one is a lot more shy compared to his sibling. I was just happy that I didn't make them cry too much. All of us then went out for a lunch in Mitcham. We found a place where they can accommodate kiddies on high chairs. After stuffing ourselves we went out to a Carrick Hill and played with the kiddies. With afternoon exercise done for the babies we headed back to their place and did other stuff like chancing nappies and such. I didn't know that some babies hate their nappies changed. I thought babies with soiled nappies would cry to tell the parents to change them; apparently not these two. After all these commotions we had some dinner then watched some movies. We hit the road about 9 to drop me off and went separate ways. I was pretty tired after all this, but I only just went along for a day. It must be monumental efforts raising two kids at the same time, dealing with them every day. All the best for my friends...

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Edinburgh Hotel (Mitcham, Adelaide)

I went out for a dinner last night with a friend of mine and his partner. They are getting married in 3 and a half months. I wanted to catch up with them. I go back 13 years when I was doing Honours; the fellow was a PhD student. Anyway. We went down to Edinburgh Hotel for the dinner. We used to come to this joint as students. Now the place looks nothing like the old pub. It's all done up nicely, and the price is reflecting this fact. I had a schnitzel, and I guess it was reasonable for a place like that but it was definitely heck of a lot more than we used to pay... Anyway. We all talked about the usual stuff like what's been happening to each other and people we both know. We also talked about their upcoming wedding and plans and whatnot. Looks like I'll be back in Adelaide sometime in mid July. I really look forward to going to their wedding.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Eros Ouzeri (Rundle Street, Adelaide)

It was not a very good weather out there today in Adelaide in the morning. I had an appointment with a friend of mine who was at St. Mark's at the same time I was all these years ago. I think the last time I saw him was back in 1995... So it's been more than 10 years. I just dropped by at his work, and we went off looking for a place to eat on Rundle Street. It looked a little bit changed compared to when I was there the last time; less cafes more clothing stores. Anyway. We settled on Eros Ouzeri joint he's been wanting to try. We shared a dish of 4 dips as well as a plate of salad. Then I had some octopus and my friend had salmon. It's all nice and filling but it was on the expensive side for a lunch. I guess I can't complain much as my friend picked up the tab. I promised I'll shout the next time round.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Griffin's Head (Adelaide)

So I gave a talk at the University of Adelaide today. I walked around a bit on campus, scouting around and felt quite nostalgic. A lot of things have changed, and that includes my old departments; Genetics and Biochemistry. They have moved to this fancy shiny new looking Molecular Biosciences Building; they were in Fisher and Darling Buildings, respectively. They are now building a ginormous math/physics/engineering building in the quads. How time flies and things change. Anyway. After the seminar, JC and I went out for a lunch; to Griffin's Head. The last time I went there was back in 1992! I think the occasion was for a second year Organic Chemistry Dinner or something. Those were the days! Anyway. The place looked like all done up nicely. I had fish and chips, and it was alright; nothing special, just good pub fare kinda stuff.

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