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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lenzerheide Restaurant (Hawthorn, Adelaide)

This is the third highest rated restaurant in TripAdvisor for Adelaide. So...I insisted we go. We tried to book a table for us close to the end of last year but the joint was closed until a day or two before I head back in the direction of Sheep.

After seated, we were told that if we wanted bottles of wine, we had to go to the bar and order them there. Since we don't drink that much we didn't go. The waiter brought out menus but no mention of set lunch menu... Mmmm. Do we have to ask for it? We didn't bother to do so. Maybe that was a good decision (though the bill would be higher) considering the portions...

Shellfish rugout (Prawns, lobster tail and scallops) as an entree.

Then had a South Australian King George Whiting Fillets as a main.

Baileys Crème Brulee as a dessert. This one was a treat!

So I enjoyed the lunch here. The bill was well, I'd rather not to think about. Definitely not a cheap eat. It would've been nice had they had a little larger serving.

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