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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chocolate Boutique (Parnell, Auckland)

After the meal at Iguacu, we wanted to get some dessert. We tossed up whether to go to the Movenpick to get some icecream or to go to the Chocolate Boutique. Since I've never been to the Chocolate Boutique, we went there. The place was small and cramped and thus we had to sit outside in the cold... I ordered an Italian Denso, and I was not disappointed.

This thing was... Rich. It was wonderful.

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Iguacu (Parnell, Auckland)

So bunch of us went out for dinner. my friends have Entertainment Books so they went for something in that book. They decided to go for this place Iguacu on Parnell Road. I've always wanted to try this place and I finally got to check the place out. The place looked kinda fancy with a flaming torch on the front part of the joint. Anyway. I got there a little late; we were to meet at 7:30PM and I got there 10 minutes late, but that was okay. My friends weren't even seated. After browsing through the menu, I settled for a bowl of soup of the day then followed by a scotch eye fillet. After quite a bit of a wait, the soup came;

My first impression was... Shite, it's salty! I mean. Really. 12 plus bucks for a small bowl of soup that was way too salty.

Then the steak came out. The broccoli on the top was with this blue cheese sauce that was nice. The steak was nicely done; I asked for a rare, and it was rare. Great. But what was underneath was... It's a patty made out of mushed potato and vegies. This again was too salty. Salty enough to burn my tongue and edges of my mouth. Yikes!

I enjoyed the company and the atmosphere of the place, but the meal was not quite up to the standard for the price I paid for, or so I thought.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Jumbo Kara-age

I had two pieces of chicken whole leg fillet. What should I make out of it...? I wanted to put some batter and crumb on them and make some cutlet out of them. As I was getting ready to cook though, I just realized... Shite, I'm out of eggs! Can't put batter on them! What should I do? Re-freezing the chicken pieces was out of question as that will make chicken taste like crap later on. Then I just thought, maybe I could make some kara-age out of these. Kara-age is usually made out of bite-sized chicken pieces but I just went ahead with the whole leg fillet. I poked holes on the chicken pieces using a fork. Then I grated some ginger and squeezed to get ginger juice. To this I added some soy sauce, salt and cornflour to make a marinade. I marinated chicken pieces in this mixture for some time then deep fried. I think it came out pretty alright though I forgot to add garlic but...

And it tasted pretty good too. Not too bad.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Trek (was pretty alright)

Some of us went out to see the new Star Trek movie tonight. I have read good reviews on this movie and was actually looking forward to seeing it. I consider myself a bit of a Trekkie, and I must say I actually enjoyed the movie. I wondered a few things though; why build a starship on Earth rather than in orbit, when you can use a transporter and where you might get minute contaminants floating about? I mean, it's kinda heavy to be lifted off the planet, isn't it? Or at close to the end where a ship is being sucked into a blackhole; I thought it came out of a blackhole intact... Why would it break up if it could survive a little trip before? Spock having a relationship onboard the starship? Anyway. I thought the movie could've been a bit longer to develop the story a bit further. In any case, I did enjoy the movie.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Me and a friend went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I've been a fan of X-Men movies and so I had to go watch this one too. The movie was well, enjoyable. If you expected a deep meaningful story telling sort of movie though you should go elsewhere. It's all about computer graphics. They were nice. But the producer/director tried to cram in a little too much in this film that it did not have enough time to explore things. Instead the movie managed to scratch only the superficial details on the formative process of Wolverine. Oh well. I still don't think I wasted my money on this movie though.