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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gion (Parnell, Auckland)

The night before leaving NZ for good, some of us went out for a dinner. We went out to Gion Japanese Restaurant on Parnell Rd. Since it's the last dinner for me in the Land of Sheep, I decided to go for the gold, and went for Chef's Choice ("Omakase") set course menu. It wasn't cheap, almost 70 bucks, but it sure was oh so worth it.

It started with salad and miso soup. Your standard fare. Then came a plate of kazunoko (salted herring eggs), ikura (salted salmon eggs) and a few pieces of shibazuke (pickled cucumber colored red); picture not shown here as I couldn't put too many in one blog entry! But these are all good accompanyment if I had ordered some nice junmai ginjyo sake... Damn, I really should have.

Then came a plate of sashimi and sushi. Plus chawan mushi (savoury steamed egg custard based on dashi). Very impressed. But it turned out to be (almost) only an appetizer, because...

Then the main event came. Yeah. Chicken teriyaki, tempura, grilled oyster with cheese and a bowl of rice arrived. I was getting pretty full...

But wait! There was even more! I got green tea icecream and fruit as well. I was a very happy man.

After the meal at Gion, we ended up going out for dessert at the Chocolate Boutique and then onto games of billiards and bowling up in Newmarket. Not too shabby a way to spend the last evening in NZ...

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Dell Studio XPS 16 and Logitech BT mouse

I've had my Dell Inspiron 6000 for the last 4 years or so, and I thought it's about high time I get an upgrade. But what? I saw a Dell Studio XPS range, and decided to go with the Studio XPS 16. After much waiting thanks to the local courier mishap, it finally arrived.

I was a happy man for a while. Until I threw a Windows 7 x64 RC on it. Then I was a happier man. Now that was taken care of, I had to get a mouse for it. I have a MS BT notebook mouse, but it's hooked up to a Fujitsu 1510D. So I decided to get something else. I could've got another MS mouse but I decided that since this computer is a desktop replacement for me, I might as well get something a little larger. So...

I went for a Logitech V470. I've been pretty happy with it; even though it does not have dedicated forward/reverse mouse button, I assigned the tilting wheel for this function. It worked out pretty well.

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ghetto solution to a Ghetto problem

My apartment in Auckland was so old that all sinks had two faucets; hot and cold water. No mixing. It was a pain in the bottom trying to do the dishes, especially in winter. So, I decided to give a go at getting a fix for this. It had to be reversible as I was renting. I got a clamp-on swing-arm desklamp, disassembled it and just got the arm bit then clamped it on a little "ledge" over the kitchen sink. I then got a hose designed to fit two faucets to mix hot and cold water, from The Warehouse. A bit of ghetto ingenuity to snake the hose on the arm, I got something like this in the photo shown below.

It's ghetto looking alright, but it really did the job; mixing hot and cold water, and also brought the spout to the center of the sink at a higher position, making it easier for me to do the dishes.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lone Star Cafe and Restaurant (Newmarket, Auckland)

Some of us went out for a movie; Terminator Salvation. It was pretty good. Maybe not as good as T2 but definitely better than T3, or so I thought. After the movie, we went out searching for some food. We settled on the Lone Star Cafe and Restaurant. Apparently the specialty here was pork ribs, so I gave it a go.

It looked pretty good. Looked pretty big. But I realized quickly that it's a pain in the bottom trying to eat these fellas. But after all the hassle, I guess it was worth the effort.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Selera Malaysian Café (Newmarket, Auckland)

I asked my friends for help in moving stuff downstairs prior to the shipment. After shifting boxes down, we went out for a lunch. We went to this Selera Malaysian Cafe in Newmarket. I had a bowl of laksa.

It was really good. Could well be the best one I've had in Auckland.

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