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Monday, July 20, 2009

Bang Bang Chicken

For some reason, I wanted to eat Bang Bang Chicken. I've never made it before, so I looked up some recipes on the net, and gave a go at making it. I went with Japanized Bang Bang Chicken recipe which is a lot less spicy than the original Chinese recipe.

I sliced up a couple of tomatoes and put the slices on a plate. Then I julienned 1 and a half cucumber and lay them up on top of tomatoes.

Then I boiled chicken thigh fillets with smashed ginger and spring onion until cooked. Cooked chicken was cooled down and cut into about 1 cm wide strips then laid on top of the cucumber. I made egg drop soup out of the broth from boiling chicken; filtered ginger and spring onion, added salt, soy sauce and pepper to taste then added some eggs followed by more fresh spring onion. Sesame sauce for the chicken was made from equal parts of sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, tahini (used 4 tablespoons each) plus chopped up ginger, spring onion and some chili powder by mixing them well; mixed sugar, vinegar and soy sauce first to dissolve sugar then added other components and mixed well. This mixture was poured over the chicken and then served.

It wasn't too bad, though it could use a bit more chili. Maybe next time.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ramen Tei Japanese Noodle Shop (Central Market, Adelaide)

I saw this Japanese noodle joint in a food court when we went to the Central Market, and wanted to try it out. When I finally got around to do so, I got a Ramen set; a bowl of ramen, a small salad and a couple of rice balls. You can choose your ramen flavour, as well as rice ball stuffings. I chose a Tokyo flavour (soy sauce) for my ramen and salmon for my rice ball.

I guess it was alright for AUD9.50 in a food court. Though I must say I enjoyed a ramen from Tanpopo in Auckland more.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

XO Supper Club (Hutt St., Adelaide)

I went out for a lunch with my family. They booked a table at this joint XO Supper Club on Hutt Street in the city, and so I tagged along to check the place out. When we got there on noon sharp, there was not a single customer present... I caught a sight of blown-in leaves on the corner of my eyes... Mmm... The decor looked pretty good, and I really liked the chair; pretty wide and comfy. Nice. Anyway, we decided on doing the degustation thing.

It started with this shot-sized potato and leek soup that came with crusty bread with tomato paste and herb. Not a bad starter.

Followed by a few tapas dishes like potato omelette and...

Crisply fried pork belly with pumpkin paste and crushed nuts, and also a dish of spiced lamb cutlet (not shown here). Then came the main.

Roasted pork with porcini butter and crispy potato. This was yummy. Very.

The dessert was a bit underwhelming compared to the rest of lunch; churros with melted chocolate. Oh well.

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Portable Gas stove

I make grilled eggplant, Japanese style. You make slits on an eggplant, soak it in salt water for a while then just put it on a gas stove on direct flame, to burn the skin off. After it's cooked, just remove the burnt skin off, chop up the cooked flesh to serve in a bowl. You take your potion in a smaller bowl, then add some soy sauce, chopped spring onion and bonito flake to your taste and you have your grilled eggplant. I like it a lot. But I needed this implement to make this very simple yet tasty little sidedish... When I saw it for 17 bucks at the local K Mart, I had to get one. But... After coming through the register, I got charged for 18 bucks. I'd better go back to the store and ask for an explanation maybe tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Cooking implements

I've always wanted to get... A potato cutter. To be more specific, I wanted to get a chip cutter. When I found one at The General Trader store, I had to have one!

Basically you shove a potato in a little cavity of this instrument then push it out through an interchangeable grid and voila, you have your chippies. Now I have to go and get a deep fryer.

And we also got one of these... A slicer. It comes in real handy prepping for salads and also for sandwitches. I have one coming this way but it will be in 2 months time, and we decided that probably it's okay to get another one...

This is different to the one I have though made by the same manufacturer. It can do less things than the one I own but this will do for the moment.

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Olympus WS-500M

I had the urge to buy a digital voice recorder... An Olympus kind. So I went ahead and got this little beauty on the eBay, scored it for about USD90.

It works pretty well. Battery lasts for a long time, and also it records for more than I care for.

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Monday, July 06, 2009

D-Link Wireless G AP (DAP-1150)

I wanted to have an access to a wireless router located across the street, but it was just outside of the reach. How can I extend the range of the wireless? I have a spare D-Link DSL-G604T ADSL modem with a wireless router, but I found out that I could not use it to extend the range. I read somewhere else that D-Link AP can be used to extend the wireless range, and so... I went ahead and bought it.

I had my doubts because of its review; for example here even though another review gave a pretty good score. After setting it to a repeater mode (by a sliding switch on the back of the unit), I just plugged it in the wireless router I wanted to extend the range of, logged in using a web browser (http://dlinkap), set SSID and security (specified WAP and a passphrase) for the wireless network then assigned an IP number for it. Then I saved the settings and rebooted it. I brought it across the street, plugged it in then waited for a few minutes while crossing the finger... Then it came through. Wow. Success. Not bad.

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Friday, July 03, 2009

High Tea at The Apothecary 1878 (Hindley St., Adelaide)

I've heard of this High Tea thingy. Something like... Afternoon tea? My mother and sister have been to one, and they seemed to have enjoyed it. So, the next time they went, I tagged along with them. We went to this Apothecary 1878 joint on Hindley Street. We got there like half an hour before it started (starts at 4 PM) and we had to kill time; we just wandered about. At around 4 PM, we went in.

Okie, so. We were seated. The place was decorated in old pharmacy sort of decor. Kinda interesting. I was trying to read the labels off the bottles on the shelf and also books. Anyway.

It started off with some pate. Fair enough. It was alright I guess.

Sandwitches came and went. Then little sweets came out. This was pretty good.

And finally the scones with jam and cream came out. Two scones per person.

To be honest though... I didn't think it was worth the money.

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

French-style Market (Parnell, Auckland)

On the day before leaving NZ, I moved to a hotel nearby. In the morning, I was a little... Hungry. What do I get for a brunch? I dropped by at a French-style market in search of food.

I got a crepe with lemon and sugar.

As well as a serving of mixed paella. They turned out to be okay.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bou Gyoza

I saw Japanese TV proggies featuring "bou" gyoza in which instead of being more traditional potsticker shape, dumpling made into "sticks". I wanted to give a go but without looking up properly what to do (which was a huge mistake). I went ahead and made the usual stuffing for my gyoza, based on pork mince, Chinese cabbage, chives, garlic and ginger. I mixed all that then added soy sauce and sesame oil to taste. Then I wrapped this in rice paper. For some reason, the idea of using rice paper as a wrapper was stuck in my mind, and I did this but... This turned out to be a bad decision... Anyway. I cooked these things on my cast iron skillet (which was a good move); just fried, no steaming.

They came out like this. They looked and smelled great. When I ate them though, I had a little problem. The skin was too thin, and also too oily. Next time I won't be using rice paper. Instead, I'll have to use regular gyoza dumpling pastry, somehow made into stick shape.

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