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Monday, August 24, 2009

The German Cake Shop (Hahndorf, Adelaide)

The family went out to Hahndorf on the Adelaide Hills, and I tagged along as usual. We went to this German Cake Shop for a lunch. I decided to have a "Bavarian Mixed Grill" rated for two people or a very hungry person. After waiting for a while, this came out.

One slab of very thick ham, two sausages and another slab of processed meat plus two breadroll for making sausage rolls plus some sides including potato salad and sauerkraut. I managed to fit most of this in my belly but it was a tough going. I think I'll stick to sausages next time...

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chianti Classico (Hutt St., Adelaide)

We had a reason for a little celebration, and we went out for a Sunday lunch. I've wanted to go to this Chianti Classico joint for quite some time, and I finally had the chance to do so. I've been told to dress somewhat nicely as the restaurant clientele is well dressed, so I put on a pair of dress shoes and a dress shirt. This turned out to be a good thing to do, as I would have looked out of place with my usual T-shirt... Anyway. The place had this very nice atmosphere, and the food was excellent. I had...

Pasta (with squid ink kneaded in) as an entree

Followed by the fish of the day (snapper for today) as the main

Then had a lemon tart for a dessert.

It was all very nice, fairly reasonable for what I got, and the menu made me want to come back here for more.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ramen Tei again

I had an errand to run in the city, and on the way I picked up a lunch. I went back to the Ramen Tei in Chinatown food court. This time I went for a ramen set with cha-siu ramen. I asked if I can choose cha-siu ramen for a ramen set, and the lady manning the register said I can so I went for it.

I think it will be a while before I will be successful in my diet attempt...

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ajisen Ramen (Leigh St., Adelaide)

I've read and heard about this joint Ajisen Ramen in the city. Supposedly it's a part of a chain of noodle house. I've read kinda mixed reviews; ones saying it's pretty good while others saying that it's crap. Before making any judgment, I decided to give a go at the place.

When I got there, the place was pretty full; not quite packed out yet, but enough so that only a few more groups can be crammed in after me. I was seated on a single-person sized table. I went for an Aso Kazan Ramen (Mt. Aso Volcano Ramen) and a serving of gyoza.

The gyoza came out first. This one was better than I expected. Certainly tasted better than the one I had at Tanpopo in Auckland.


Then the Aso Kazan Ramen came out. This one was, I must say, pretty spicy. I can take fair amount of chili, but this one was up there. The paste on top of the pork was spicy bean paste.

Aso Kazan Ramen

By half way through the bowl, I was sweating like a piggy. It was so spicy; but not to the extent that I could not handle. The soup is tonkotsu based, and I like that too. But... I guess this comes down to personal preference, but the noodle was of the straight kind, rather than a curly/wavy type (chijire-men in Japanese). I like those more than the straight ones. The straight ones felt a bit like... Italian pasta. Anyway. Everything considered, I might come back here once in a while, but I'll have to choose what I eat here as it came close to 20 bucks just for a serving of dumplings and a bowl of noodle...

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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lamb leg pot roast

I love lamb. Especially the roast and curry. I had this craving so I decided to make one but... I just couldn't be bothered to do the whole 9 yards doing the proper one. So I settled for a pot roast instead.

It came out alright, though probably could be better if I cooked it a tad bit longer, with a bit more salt and rosemary. But hey. I was hungry, and I just had to have it.

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Monday, August 03, 2009

Mesa Lunga (Gouger St., Adelaide)

We went out for a lunch for my mother's b'day. We went to this fancy tapas joint Mesa Lunga on Gouger Street in the city. We were a bit ticked off though when we were seated in the bar section instead of a table. This was on a Sunday, and we had a booking for a table. Later on, when a group showed up, they were sat on a table as the restaurant did not have any more space in the bar section. I guess you have to show up for lunch around 2PM without booking to get seated on a table at this place for a Sunday lunch. Anyway. We ordered a bunch of tapas including...

Garlic prawn and mushroom


And we also ordered chorizo, Jamon Iberico (this was nice but wasn't cheap),  meatballs, croquettes, a potato pancake, calamari rings and octopus... But they weren't quite enough, so we ordered a pizza as well.

This one was very nice, thin crust and all. Then we went on for dessert. I went for a brownie, as they were out for ice cream to make coffee crema. I thought that was poor. Oh well.


I guess I was impressed by the food but other things like price of the food and seating arrangement kinda put me off.

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