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Monday, November 30, 2009

Pilot Iroshizuku Fountain Pen ink

I like to write using fountain pens. I've been doing that for god knows how long. I usually use a Quink blue black from Parker, as I'm always afraid of letting the pen dry and not able to recover; Quink blue black usually washes off fairly easily from a dried up pen. Anyway. I've heard of nice range of color ink offered by Pilot under the series name of Iroshizuku. After seeing some samples, I had to get some for myself. I decided to go for a bottle of tsukushi, sho-ro and fuyugaki each. I got them off from the eBay, sent from Japan.

And the colours turned out to be pretty good. I must say though fuyugaki is the best one out of the 3 for me.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Solar and Eco Challenge '09

I went to see some cars coming into Victoria Square for Solar and Eco Challenge '09 a while back. Quite interesting cars, really. The winning entry for the solar car now can do up to 150 km/h! Anyway.

Tesla Roadster

Tokai University entry

Osaka Sangyo University entry
It's one thing to see solar cars without amenities doing 150 km/h. Now only if they can have another class of solar car that is a modification of either existing 3 door coupe or 2 door sport car...

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Thursday, November 26, 2009


When we went down to Naracoote to take a look at the caves, we took a detour coming home to Kingston in search of seafood, particularly lobsters. Supposedly Kingston was the place to get it. We found the iconic lobster cafe on sale not the lobster. Bugger. We were getting pretty hungry and so we drove around to see if we could get anything. We jumped in this better looking local dining joint. Well. What can I say? One of us asked for a lemon lime and bitter, and was told that "it's country" and they don't have it. Sure... You can't make one from scratch? It's not rocket science you know. A squeeze of lime, a few drops of bitters in a tall glass on the rocks then pour some lemonade over. How hard could it be? This was not very encouraging start. Anyway, I had a serving of Kinelow (cured fish) and a T-bone steak. I asked for a rare, and it came out medium. At least it was cheap. Still. A bit of a disappointment really.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Naracoorte Caves

So a bunch of us went down to Naracoorte to take a look at the caves. Even though I'm no geologist, it was interesting enough to keep me stay awake (though the dark caves made me a bit sleepy). It was a long drive though. 4~5 hours each way, in one day.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Original Pancake Kitchen (Gilbert Pl., Adelaide)

It was late night, and we were looking for a place for a coffee. What joint is open at this time of the day? Well. There is one off from Hindley Street. The Original Pancake Kitchen.

I had actually never been here despite of living here for 5 years during my undergrad days. I guess we used to go elsewhere. I used to frequent The Pancake Parlour in Canberra during my postgrad period and that was when I did the 13-stack of pancake on a dare/challenge from my friends. I vowed never to repeat this after getting ill from that pancake binging. I used to frequent IHOP while I was in the US. So yeah, I do like pancakes.

So I thought, I would give a go at 3 stack here; weak, you might say, compared to the idiotic 13 stack. But hey, you get old, you (hopefully) get wiser. I was there to enjoy the company of my friends as well as enjoying a little treat.

And I did enjoyed it. But... I could barely do a 3 stack. Pretty sad.
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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cold Ramen@Ramen Tei

It's getting hot here in Adelaide, and the regular ramen is becoming... Too hot to eat.

When I went to the Ramen Tei the last time though... They had the Hiyashi Chuka. Yeah. Cold Ramen. I had to give it a go.

Well. It was interesting I suppose. With nerigoma based sauce, It covered the basic I guess. But personally it could've used a bit more salad.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Crumpler 8 Million Dollar Home camera bag

I decided that I needed a new camera bag. I like Crumpler range of product; I have a soupandsalad bag plus a camera bag insert. However... I have outgrown that bag now. What should I get? I was tempted to buy a Brazillion Dollar Home, but decided to go with the 8 Million Dollar Home. I went with the same colour combo of brown/orange as my soupandsalad bag.

What do I think of it? I like it. Plenty of room for expansion. Now that the bag is covered... I have to start saving for a nicer set of glass and a body to fill this bag...

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nikon SB-900 speedlight

Sometime ago, my SB-600 speedlight stopped working. It wasn't even turning on. I brought it to the local Nikon service centre, and was told that it would cost 2/3 of the price of a new unit to repair the bugger. I didn't even get that much of use out of that unit, though it was about 5 years old. I did consider to buy a new SB-600, but I decided to go for a new SB-900 just because... I could? I looked around, and found that it would be the cheapest if I bought it from the US even with the delivery cost, thanks to the strong Aussie dollar against the Greenback. I used to use B&H Photography when I was in the US. I heard they send stuff overseas, and so I tried out. I received the speedlight 3 days after I ordered it. Talking about a quick delivery. I was most impressed.

And the unit just works. Wonderful.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GoodLife Modern Organic Pizza (Jetty Rd., Glenelg)

The family went out for a little dinner. I joined them by taking the tram from North Terrace to get to Glenelg. It's been quite a while since I took it the last time; 10+ years. Since then, the tram has been upgraded to have a lower floor and AC and the line has been extended. Anyway. We went to this Goodlife Mordern Organic Pizza joint. There are 3 franchizes in Adelaide; there is one 5 minutes walk from my work, but we went to the one in Glenelg.

We had a 12" prawn, a 12" salami and a 9" roasted vegies pizzas for three of us. All the pizzas were good. However... For the price of the prawn pizza, we could have had a couple of large pizzas, a garlic bread and a box of chicken wings from our regular pizza joint. Considering that, it certainly was not a cheap place. After all... It's just a freakin' pizza, no matter how you look at it. I don't think I'll come back here in a hurry if I have to pay for it. Despite of the obvious cost of things, the joint was packed. Even in this not-so-great economic environment, there are plenty of people out there who can afford luxury items of life.
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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

St. Peter's Cathedral

Picture taken on the way to work. Thought it was a very nice day. Need a wider lens...

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Monday, November 16, 2009

D-Link DIR-655 router

I needed a router that can do a gigabit ethernet; I have a D-Link DNS-323 NAS, and I was keen to get this attached to my computer. I decided to go with anther D-Link implement DIR-655 with GB ethernet as well as N wireless. I trolled on eBay to find one cheap. I managed to find one about 100 bucks off the retail price. After waiting for a week or so it finally arrived.

And it just works. Great.
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