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Monday, May 17, 2010

Garmin Edge 705

I finally got my bike fixed; two front cogs and brake cables needed to be replaced. My helmet and gloves went AWOL while transiting across the Tasman; not impressed at all. I bought a cheapass helmet that will have to do the moment. I still need to get a pair of gloves. Then I thought I would put a new battery in my speedo and saw this:

My first reaction was "What the F...?" It's dead as a dodo. Whatever the reason, it's a goner. So I decided to splash a bit and get a GPS based speedo, and got this:

Yeah, a Garmin Edge 705. It's nice. I took it out for a ride, and I liked it. It's easy to see, nice to have mapping capability, nice to have a HRM and so on. My geekness was satisfied when I plotted the course on Google Earth. I guess there is no excuse for me not to get out there now except for the muscle pain. Now if I can grow a pair of buns of steel...

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Chili oil that looks hot but not but a little bit hot

Apparently this "chili oil that looks hot but not but a little bit hot" ("karasoude karakunai sukoshi karai ra-yu" in Japanese) is the latest culinary craze in Japan. Obviously it's not available here (yet?), but people have made up their own concoctions and put the recipes on the web. I've decided to give one of them a go.

Peel and chop up 3 whole heads of garlic then deep fry in 100 ml of oil. I used peanut oil. After garlic is fried, separate garlic and oil by draining. Keep both.

Deep fry green bits of spring onion and some ginger in 200 ml oil to transfer the flavour. Remove the carcass of vegies then deep fry finely chopped onion in the same oil until the onion bits become crispy. The recipe called for dusting of flour on the onions but I didn't bother.

Meanwhile... Mix a couple of handfuls of hand-crushed sliced almonds, a handful of sesame seeds, two tablespoons (minimum, you can increase to your taste) of chili powder, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of miso bean paste in a bowl.

When the onion is nicely fried, put the oil used in frying the garlic back in the pot, heat up the entire mixture to 180 degrees C then pour the whole mixture to the bowl of stuff prepared above. After the whole thing cools down, add the fried garlic and about 50 ml of sesame oil then mix. Put plastic wrap over the bowl and let it sit overnight before bottling. Keep it in the fridge.

I must say it came out pretty alright. Next time I'll add a bit more salt/miso paste as it needed a bit more salt. Apparently it's important to have everything crisp (meaning water content should be removed) in order to keep the crispness of the components.

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Friday, May 07, 2010

Semaphore Palais Hotel (Semaphore, Adelaide)

We went out to Semaphore Palais Hotel for our departmental Christmas lunch. One of our colleagues organized everything including the transport.

Entree plate; it was alright

Steak as a main; better than expected

Panna cotta as a dessert

Not a bad day out after all.

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