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Monday, June 14, 2010

Giant Defy Advanced 2

I've started to commute on the bike a couple times a week. I've been on the 2002 Jamis Dakar Sport I bought all these years ago (latter half of 2001). It's a nice full-suspension mountain bike. But... It's pretty heavy. I've been managing about 20 km/h average over 18 km commute each way, but it's pretty heavy going. So I decided to buy myself a road bike. I looked around, and narrowed down to two candidates; Scott Speedster S20 and Giant Defy Alliance 0. Then... I saw that Defy Advanced 2 was on the sale at an LBS; 500 bucks off from RRP. And so I went ahead and bought one.

I guess there will be no excuse not to commute on a bike regularly. Maybe not when it's raining but.

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