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Friday, August 13, 2010

Crud Road Racer Mudguard Set (Mr. Crud)

After purchasing the Defy Advanced, I needed a pair of fenders for commuting. Originally I thought I could find something similar to what I attach to my MTB; a rear carrier that is attached on the seatpost that can catch splashes, as well as a detachable floating fender on the fork. It turned out there is no such front fender for road bikes (too little clearance). As to the rear carrier... I really wanted to get one (so that I can get a pannier bag instead of strapping a bum bag on my lower back) but I just could not see how I could attach one on my road bike as it seems to have this oblong shaped seatpost. So. I went ahead and bought just a pair of regular fenders to protect myself from being splashed with all sorts of crap (including horse dropping).

I got this Crud Road Racer Mudguard set from Mr. Crud. I don't know this field well but I thought it would be good enough; seem to cover the wheels fully. It appeared easy to attach to the bike (and it was). It was not blazing obvious on the either. However I found it was difficult to adjust the fenders not to rub the wheels. I'm using a pair of 25c Ultra Gator Duraskin tyres. I thought I got it right. For a while. Then one evening riding home from work, the rear fender somehow managed to get tangled up with the back wheel and destroyed itself. The noise did give me a scare; I thought it was my wheel that went, rather than the fender. Luckily (or not so lucky, depending on the point of view), it was just the fender. I ordered a new set in from CRC (the first one was bought from Wiggle but by the time I ordered the second set, they weren't sending it down under; maybe because the version 2 of this product was coming out) and attached it again. The back wheel is now rub free, but the front one remains recalcitrant. I'll see how long this set will last.