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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moon Lantern Festival (Elder Park, Adelaide)

I missed it last year so I wanted to go see it to see if it's any different from the one in Auckland.

Well. What can I say. Queue for the food was way too long and it was pretty cold. Lanterns were sadly not as good as the ones from Auckland. There were plenty of advertisement/sponsor logos on the lanterns; pretty off putting, really. Yay capitalism for making this event happen. Pep talks by the Premier and SA Governor were necessary I suppose. Nothing much to see, and so I left quickly. Thank goodness there was a dinner waiting for me at home.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Red Ochre Grill (War Memorial Dr., North Adelaide)

Our family went out for the "Taste of Adelaide" promotion thing yet again; this time the target was the Red Ochre Grill on War Memorial Drive. It was pissing down out there on the day, very bad day for going out. Turned out it was real bad in the restaurant too...

Yes, the food was wonderful. However... We were sat on the table next to the glass door on the terrace. On a good weather day it would have been magnificent especially for lunch, looking out to the view of Lake Torrens. However... There must have been a some sort of leak from the heavy rain. The waiting staff kept looking at the ceiling. I was wondering why they were doing that. Then... I saw my cutlery was wet. Huh? Then I noticed there was a puddle of water on my bread plate (when a roll was served on it). The waitress did not notice it so I had to ask for another plate and a roll. Not a good start. Apparently it turned out my sister had the same problem, plus her seat was wet. And so was the table. We should have either left the place, or at least asked to be seated on a different table... Too late now.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Archer Hotel (O'Connell St., North Adelaide)

Heard it's got the best schnitzel around the area; but it wasn't on the lunch menu. Instead had a burger. It was a bit too salty for my taste though. Still. Can't beat the price; 10 bucks.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Saltram Winery (Barossa)

The department I'm working for treated us for a Christmas lunch Barossa winery tour extravaganza. We went out to Hentley Farm for tasting first (I thought "The Beast" was the best tasting and ended up buying one) then head over to Saltram for tasting followed by lunch. We were a bit hurried for tasting as we were running late... Anyway.

I had fresh prawn rolls as an entree. They tasted alright, but were not wrapped tight,
and fell apart as soon as I bit into one. Not impressed.

Fresh salad to be shared. Mustard seed dressing was good.

I had a sirloin steak as the main. This was actually good; tender and nicely cooked.

Then the disaster. One of my skewer was dropped and a replacement was brought out.
But frankly, this was nothing to write home about. I hear the other dessert was a dog's breakfast.
I would've paid extra to have the three cakes on display instead as my dessert.

After the lunch we all headed back to Adelaide. I fell asleep as soon as I got on board thanks to all the wine I had during the day. It was a very enjoyable outing, and all congrats should go to the organizers of the event.

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Monday, December 06, 2010

The Wine Underground (Pirie St., Adelaide)

The family went out to this joint The Wine Underground on Pirie Street. I had a glass of shiraz to go with this lot.

Tasting size pate. Pretty good start.

I had an entree of three oysters with three different seasonings. Interesting...

Coorong Angus fillet, potato gallette, braised ox-tail, cep veloute

Finished all off with a souffle.

We got discount from Entertainment Book. We enjoyed the meal so much we would've paid the full price though.

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