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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Takoyaki (Nanba, Osaka, Japan)

Got these little octopus balls from the street vendor next to Nanba Grand Kagetsu revue venue. 20 odd years ago, they would never put mayo on these things. These days it's put on almost as a default. I had to specifically ask not to have any mayo on it. My gourmet friend thinks that mayo can mask the mediocrity to bring the food to "edible" level as mayo coats taste buds with emulsified egg, essentially numbing them out. Anyway. These were pretty alright; maybe because this was my breakfast...

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Terminal 3 at Changi Airport

On the way back from Japan, I went through Changi Airport yet again. I was looking forward to the good rest at the airport hotel at Terminal 2 but unfortunately it was booked out. The guys at the reception of T2 hotel called Terminal 3 and they found me a room. I should have taken the skytrain to T1 then to T3 as suggested by staff rather than from T2 to T3; ended up walking a rather long distance to the hotel. Anyway. T3 hotel was still quite okay. 

T3 Transit Hotel room. SGD80 for 6 hours.
 After checking in and a quick shower, I went out to grab something to eat before hitting the sack. I went about in the T3 mall in search of that particular food, and this time, unlike on the way to Japan, found it.

Hainanese chicken rice with sweet tea. SGD8.
I was a happy chappy. I just went back to my room and had a fairly decent rest before headed out to board the plane to go inward bound.

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Andre's Cucina & Polenta Bar (Frome St., Adelaide)

Heard good things about this place. Supposedly the owner/operator was a contestant on Masterchef. Not that I cared such things; as long as the food is good and the price is reasonable. So bunch of us headed into the city for the polenta experience.

Gnocci as an entree. Nicely done.
Had the right consistency according to the Italian sitting next to me..

Another entree plate to be shared by all of us.

Beef steak. Could've used a bit more of this. Very nicely done.

Polenta with spinach and gorgonzola cheese. Was tasty.

Special polenta with mushroom, pine nuts etc. Was tasty.

Banana donuts for dessert. To be honest, it was a bit boring, though it tasted good.

It came to about 45 bucks per person for 7 people. I had never had polenta before this night. Italian sitting next to me though kept insisting that polenta is for peasants... It felt like a very thick and well cooked rice porridge; ie. glue. Still. I did enjoy dining here.

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Dumpling King (King William St., Adelaide)

Just as usual, I went out for the customary Thursday lunch. The wind today took me to the Dumpling King on King William Street in the City. I've wanted to come here for some time and I did; but just about every time I went, the place was packed out and I didn't have the patience to wait in line. This time though I got lucky (or maybe because I rocked up at 11:30 for a lunch) and got myself a table. And I went for a...

Shallot pancake. 

This was pretty good. I think it's better than the one at Ding Hao and on par with the one from Noodle Kingdom on Gouger Street. Then...

 Fried pork dumpling.

There are 16 dumplings in a serving, and it's best if you make up the dipping sauce in the bowl provided; by mixing soy sauce, vinegar and the plum condiment thingy in the container on your table. It started promising; the dumplings were alright. Then I had a little problem; I actually got bored eating them. After wolfing down maybe the first 8 to 10 dumplings, my jaw started to hurt a little and eating the rest of dumplings became a chore. Unlike gyoza, the dumpling skin was pretty hard and chewy. It didn't help to have the same taste for the whole dish either. So probably it's best if you can gather a few more friends when you are eating here; so you can order different dumplings and enjoy different taste. Despite of this, I actually liked this joint for a cheap and quick bite (if you don't have to wait for the table).

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Christmas Lunch at Maximilians Restaurant (Verdun, Adelaide)

We booked for the Christmas lunch at this place straight after we came home after having a lunch here one day. We loved it that much. And it did not disappoint this time round either.

Grilled prawns for entree. Wonderful stuff.

Sorbet to cleans the palate before going onto...

We saw this dish being served to the table next to us the last time we came here. I've wanted to try this since then. It's Chateaubrianed steak, and it was beautiful. Almost too much, really.

And the dessert was good too.

  It was a very satisfying dining experience yet again from Maximilians Restaurant. The only downside (at least to me) is that it's not easy for us to get here and at least one person cannot enjoy their wine as he/she will have to be the designated driver.

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4Square + Twitter + Facebook

I've set up my accounts with the above services so that whenever I check-in with 4Square, my comments get published on Twitter and in turn it gets posted on Facebook. It made me so... Slack regarding updating this blog...

The Stag Hotel (Rundle St., Adelaide)

Went here for a colleague's birthday lunch. Saw it won the prize for "best steak in Adelaide" so I had to give a go. We saw that this slow cooked steak was on the special so I decided to get one with melted butter on the side.

And this one was pretty good. Very tender but perhaps I should've gone with some mustard instead of melted butter.
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