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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Kenji Modern Japanese (Hutt St., Adelaide)

A bunch of us decided to go out for a dinner on a Friday. We decided to go to Kenji Modern Japanese Restaurant on Hutt Street. I've been there a few times and they never disappointed me. And again, they came through.

We had Zensai mixed appetizers and also a serving of puffer fish as entree. Then went on to have some nice mains.

Slow cooked Barossa pork crackling.

Didn't get to taste this one... Bugger.  Got pretty full on other stuff before touching this dish. I've been told it's good. Yeah. I'm pretty sure of it. Next time.

Beef Tataki.

This was quite nicely done. "Tataki" means striking or hitting in Japanese, and in cooking terms a piece of meat or fish is seared on the surface then rapidly cooled often by dunking it in ice water. Served usually sliced and with condiments including ginger and soy sauce. Bonito fish fillet is often cooked in this way (traditionally seared by cooking it in rice straws). It was very good. As expected.

A plate of Tempura. Lots of them.

Tempura batter was done properly, not cheap, nasty and thick gluggy kind. You get the nasty ones by not paying attention; the batter should be made in ice water and kept on ice to stop developing gluten. Came with dipping sauce you dunk these guys in. Was very nice.

A Funamori with sushi and sashimi.

Meaning "served up on a boat" in Japanese. Usually serving seafood such as sashimi and sushi in this style. At Kenji, they use this triangular shaped porcelain dish instead of traditional little wooden boat. Again, nice selection of sashimi and sushi served up.

Then we went onto dessert.

Ice cream.

Banana and chocolate souffle.

I had the souffle which was nice and fluffy. It was all very good and very much enjoyed. Not the cheapest restaurant, but always worth the price (to me anyway).

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