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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cocolat (Rundle Street, Adelaide)

After finishing a lunch with friends at Nanyang Cafe, we went searching for some dessert, and we found ourselves in this Cocolat cafe on Rundle Street. There are two sizes of dessert, and of course I ended up having the full size. Both the cake and coffee.

Jaffa, full size.
It was wonderful. Both cake and coffee. But I was bursting at the seams. Turned out I came back here quite often...

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Malacca Corner (Central Market, Adelaide)

Since I did not have lunch material at home to make one, I had to go out and find one on my own. I hit the road in search of one, and the bus took me to the Central Market area. I wandered over to the joint I have known existed for as long as I can remember yet never tried it until this day. It's Malacca Corner on the eastern end of the Central Market. I looked at the menu with pictures on the wall and settled for this item, as I've never had one.

Head Hunter's (Sarawak) Laksa
The first thing I noticed was this subtle hint of cinnamon which was not a bad thing; just a little surprised. I knew it was a bit different from your regular laksa but. The noodle is of rice vermicelli; no thick hokkien noodles like the one from Nanyang Cafe. I actually prefer this noodle to the other one. Not too bad at all, and I wished I had come here sooner.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sussex Hotel (Walkerville, Adelaide)

It's the last working day of the year, and some of us decided to go out for a lunch. We headed to Sussex Hotel in Walkerville; about 10 minutes drive away. It's your typical suburban pub. I decided to have a burger.

Sussex burger.
The burger was very good; beetroot spread added a good accent while bacon tasted smokey. Patty was not dry but not too fatty either. Chips were on the salty side though; full of chicken salt. Beer selection was of your typical suburban pub; major brands only. I really wished they had Vale Ale but no. So had to settle for a glass of coke instead.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ajisen Ramen (Regent Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide)

It's the usual Thursday going out for lunch day. Because of an unexpected meeting with the boss, I was short for time. I needed something quick, and usually that calls for noodles. I saw that Ajisen Ramen opened a second location in Regent Arcade before and decided to give it a go. Being a chain, I didn't expect much from this place. Learned from a past mistake, I avoided anything too spicy. And I ended up getting...

A "Paiku" ramen upsized for an extra dollar.
 I avoided the Aso Volcano ramen as I had it before; my stomach is no longer lined with asbestos and I thought better not test it out at this time point. "Paiku" is pork belly cooked in soy based sauce (somewhat similar to teriyaki sauce) long enough to make it melting soft. There were four large pieces of this in a bowl. These were surprisingly good, and filling. The noodle is of straight type; every time I eat ramen at an Ajisen joint, I always think that curly noodles would be better suited as the soup would stick to noodles better (like the one from Tokyo Ramen in Central Market).

 I like gyoza, and these were alright. Not the best ones I have ever encountered but wasn't too bad either. I thought these were better than the dumplings from Dumpling King on King William St.

 As I was after a quick lunch, I was happy enough to finish the whole thing (starting from entering the premise to leaving the premise after paying) in about 30 minutes. I guess I was a bit shocked to see an AUD19 bill for a lunch consisting of a bowl of noodles and a serving of dumplings though. One another thing that bothered me was mismatched heights of the chairs and tables. Chairs were way too low for me to sit comfortably and eat. Maybe they are designed for taller people...

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Lobethal Bierhaus (Lobethal, SA)

Our lab went out for a field trip to Lobethal Bierhaus; it's been planned for some time. We hit Barristers Block winery first then went to the Bierhaus. The back of the Bierhaus was more cellar door; for 3 boutique wineries (Scott Winemaking, Tillbrook Estate and Robert Johnson Vineyard). I ended up spending quite a bit on wines on this day; 14 bottles altogether. After making our purchases, we hit the front end of the microbrewery.

Tasting platter of the brew is available
14 bucks for trying out all the brew available at the Bierhaus. A rather good idea (at least for me as I don't process alcohol too well).

(from L to R) Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, Red Truck Porter, Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Hefeweizen and Bohemian Philsner
I am not much of a beer drinker, but even then I liked the Stout, IPA and Hefeweizen (probably IPA the best). And meanwhile, we were getting rather hungry, and an empty stomach and alcohol don't agree too well (at least to me). And so we went on to have our lunch.

Chips. Plain and cajun spice varieties are available. AUD10.90 ea.

Pork belly. AUD27.90.

These went very well with beer. I think the pork belly did help in slowing down the effects of alcohol for me. Note that there two pieces of pork belly on the plate. It was very filling.

After the meal, one of the co-owner of the brewery showed us the brewing rigs around. Very interesting stuff indeed. The Bierhaus also offers bottled beer to take home however I ended up not buying any as I did have 14 bottles of wine to take home. They are also available from select local bottle shops and so I thought I could buy them there instead of lugging more bottles home. Though I must say I was rather tempted to buy that 2 litre carboy of IPA if only for the novelty of the bottle. I very much enjoyed the day. Kudos to the organizer.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Crepe's Story (Rundle Mall, Adelaide)

I was told of this crepe joint by a fellow scientist at work. I was told that it's more or less in Japanese style, and I was intrigued and immediately wanted to give a go. And so I dropped by one day after the regular Thursday lunch to see what all the fuss was about.

I love crepes. I love mangoes. I love ice cream. So what would happen when all three are mixed? Usually my motto is "too much of a good thing is wonderful".

Mango and ice cream crepe. With a spoon.

Sadly on this occasion, I was wrong. Mild temperature mango and cold ice cream wrapped in a hot crepe made everything lukewarm; resulted in melted ice cream, warm mango and cold crepe. Furthermore, eating this beast became a real problem as it started to drip all over the place. A lesson learned here was "do not mix hot and cold components in a crepe".

I went back there on another occasion seeking a re-match. And so my second go was a mango and Nutella crepe. No more cold components, learned from the previous encounter.

Mango and nutella crepe.
And this was great! Obviously it was yummy; did I mention elsewhere that I also love Nutella? And the whole thing stayed hot, and there was no mess. I did find it a bit pricey (for what it was) but I guess it's still within the "reasonable" range for a shop on Rundle Mall.

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Mamak Corner (Bank St., Adelaide)

It's Thursday and it's going out for a lunch day. I heard good things about this joint Mamak Corner on Bank Street in the city. The last couple of times I thought of trying the place out, it was packed out. I'm not patient enough to wait in line when I am hungry and must eat; and so I moved on. Learned from the experience, I rocked up a little earlier; like before noon. And there were plenty of tables. I walked in and looked at the menu and was a bit surprised to see a pretty thin one. Pretty much rice dish only; not much of noodles. And I ended up having this;

Lamb curry and a glass of fresh lime drink

This was very good. It came out within 3-5 minutes after I sat down. The opening special set me back 12 bucks but for me it was well spent. Curry tasted as it should, and was spicy enough for me to work up some sweat but not exceedingly hot so you cannot taste anything else. The drink was soothing the heat of the curry. It was a good lunch, and I'll try out Nasi lemak next time I come by this place.

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