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Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Crepe's Story (Rundle Mall, Adelaide)

I was told of this crepe joint by a fellow scientist at work. I was told that it's more or less in Japanese style, and I was intrigued and immediately wanted to give a go. And so I dropped by one day after the regular Thursday lunch to see what all the fuss was about.

I love crepes. I love mangoes. I love ice cream. So what would happen when all three are mixed? Usually my motto is "too much of a good thing is wonderful".

Mango and ice cream crepe. With a spoon.

Sadly on this occasion, I was wrong. Mild temperature mango and cold ice cream wrapped in a hot crepe made everything lukewarm; resulted in melted ice cream, warm mango and cold crepe. Furthermore, eating this beast became a real problem as it started to drip all over the place. A lesson learned here was "do not mix hot and cold components in a crepe".

I went back there on another occasion seeking a re-match. And so my second go was a mango and Nutella crepe. No more cold components, learned from the previous encounter.

Mango and nutella crepe.
And this was great! Obviously it was yummy; did I mention elsewhere that I also love Nutella? And the whole thing stayed hot, and there was no mess. I did find it a bit pricey (for what it was) but I guess it's still within the "reasonable" range for a shop on Rundle Mall.

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