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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Mamak Corner (Bank St., Adelaide)

It's Thursday and it's going out for a lunch day. I heard good things about this joint Mamak Corner on Bank Street in the city. The last couple of times I thought of trying the place out, it was packed out. I'm not patient enough to wait in line when I am hungry and must eat; and so I moved on. Learned from the experience, I rocked up a little earlier; like before noon. And there were plenty of tables. I walked in and looked at the menu and was a bit surprised to see a pretty thin one. Pretty much rice dish only; not much of noodles. And I ended up having this;

Lamb curry and a glass of fresh lime drink

This was very good. It came out within 3-5 minutes after I sat down. The opening special set me back 12 bucks but for me it was well spent. Curry tasted as it should, and was spicy enough for me to work up some sweat but not exceedingly hot so you cannot taste anything else. The drink was soothing the heat of the curry. It was a good lunch, and I'll try out Nasi lemak next time I come by this place.

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