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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hohduki (Kobe, Japan)

When I went to Japan, I caught up with a friend of mine that dates back about 30 years. He's a bit of a gourmet, and I requested for some traditional Japanese food (as I was in Japan). We met up in my hotel then headed out to the night of San-nomiya, Kobe. We went past under the JR railway line to the north and hit the restaurants and pubs sort of area. My friend picked this Hohduki restaurant, and we were not disappointed.

Katsuo (Bonito) tataki

Sashimi of 3 different kinds


Fish (Nodoguro) cooked in broth and konbu sea kelp

Snapper chazuke (Japanese style risotto) with some pickles on the side

Yuzu sorbet as dessert
The course was really good. It was well worth 5000 yen price tag. Not sure if you can find this much food of this quality at this sort of price back home. We really did enjoy ourselves that night.

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