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Sunday, April 15, 2012

TGI Friday's (Marion, Adelaide)

It was the Christmas time of the year, and it meant it might be a little difficult to find places open for lunch. We found ourselves with an empty fridge on a hot day with most of places closed. We heard that TGI Friday in Marion might be operating, and thus headed down that way.

I used to frequent TGI Friday's when I lived in the US; it used to be a lifesaver for us Postdocs on a shoestring budget working late in the lab then go on in search of sustenance later. But times have changed, I never expected to see one here in Adelaide of all places...

A bacon cheeseburger.
This costed me about ~16 bucks. With a bottomless fountain soda. Not too bad I guess. I remember the idea of the bottomless fountain soda so foreign all those years back (11 to be exact). It certainly had some nostalgic value for me too. But I think my taste buds got REALLY spoilt after spending years away from the US.

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