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Sunday, November 18, 2012

An-mitsu and Maccha Latte (Bunmeido, Ginza, Tokyo)

We were in Ginza, Tokyo earlier this year. Hanging out during the day, we were getting a little tired, and so we hit one of Japanese cafe operated by Bunmeido on the main street of Ginza. Bunmeido is famous for  their Kasutera, a Japanese sponge cake originally from Portugal; brought to Japan back in 16th century. I had a matcha (powdered green tea) latte and an-mitsu, a classic Japanese dessert.

An-mitsu dessert and matcha latte.
 As you can see on the picture, presentation was wonderful just as you expect from a cafe in Ginza; a very fashionable area in Tokyo. It had the matching price tag on it but hey you don't do this sort of stuff all the time...

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