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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Aavara TS743 triple monitor stand mod

I bought a Dell U3011 to bring the monitor count to 3. The U3011 in the landscape mode while the other two Dell 24" monitors on the sides in portrait mode. And hence I needed to get a new monitor stand (as I was using a dual monitor stand at this point). I decided to stick with the Aavara brand; I have been using their dual monitor stand for some time. I got the TS743 triple monitor stand. I got this delivered from Officeworks; just placed the order online and a few days later it landed on my doorstep. 

I read somewhere that the notches on the side monitor arms restrict the (full range) movement of these arms. I also read that just by filing them away, they will move to all positions. So, I gave a go at it.

Before filing the notches away

After the notches were filed away
The notches were very easy to file off; they were very soft and I managed to file them off by using a hand tool. After the notches were filed off, the arms were attached to the stand and monitors mounted. The only problem was I was trying to make this monitor stand perform beyond the spec; the stand cannot support a 30" monitor because of the weight restriction. It sags under the weight of the 30" monitor. I am using the two 24" monitors on both sides of the central monitor to hold it up in the place. Not an ideal set up but for the price I compromise. For now. 

UPDATE: I got rid of this monitor stand and replaced it with Ergotron products. I got an Ergotron LX dual side-by-side arm and an LX desk mount with a tall pole. I should've invested in these to begin with...

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