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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hinazushi (Ginza, Tokyo)

Caught up with a friend of mine that stretches back ~10 years in Tokyo. When we were in the US, he was often raving about this joint Hinazushi in Tokyo. Now that we were both in the city, I suggested we go there to see if his words were true. And just as he raved about it, it did not disappoint.

It costs about AUD50 and it is an all you can eat joint (for 90 minutes). You actually place the order on a piece of paper to indicate what you want and how many. You are restricted to 20 sushi per order; understandable in order to avoid possible wastage. We managed to polish 6 full plates; 120 pieces of sushi between two of us. Not a bad effort for two (almost) middle aged men. The quality of sushi was something you cannot get at this price in Australia. Was well worth the visit.

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