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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Parlamento (North Terrace, Adelaide)

My parents had to pay a visit to their consulate for some paperwork on this Saturday. I tagged along to drop by at work to get something done. Later on, we met up in the city for a lunch. My mother chose this Parlamento joint on North Tce. I have been here twice before; 24 years ago when I came down here for attending some prelim for the uni entrance (by myself, alone). It was located on the ground floor of a Travelodge back then, and I stayed there. Being a 16 years old fresh out of country, not knowing much about Adelaide, I just stuck by this joint for dinner. It was alright for what it was back then. I was keen to try this place out not only for the nostalgic value but also by the fact that it is always full during lunch time whenever I come by trying to get a table for myself on my regular Thursday lunch session. We ordered for a main each with a couple of side dishes plus dessert.

Spaghetti Marinara
It was very good; a large serving with plenty of seafood. I was glad to see it was not like in the US where "Marinara" is plain tomato based pasta sauce (and nothing else). The picture doesn't show half the crab buried underneath all other bits of pasta. Crab was not very fresh (probably expecting a little too much) but was enough to add the flavour to the dish. I had a little problem eating crab probably because I'm not used to it. I had to pry open the shell with my hands and it made a LOT of mess (splashing sauce and what not). Very stylish wet towel (in its own small dish) was provided but it was not quite enough to clean my hands after the food. 

Semifreddo allo zabaglione
It was very good. The sweet taste did not linger sickly after each spoonful which I liked.

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