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Sunday, May 26, 2013

TWSBI Diamond Vac700 nib swap

I read somewhere that a Pelikan M800 nib fits a TWSBI Diamond Vac700. I like vacuum filler pens; I do own two Pilot Custom 823s. I like Pelikan M800 as well; I own 3 of them. I thought it would be neat if I can have both in a pen so I gave a go for creating a chimaera. I bought a TWSBI Vac700 for 90 bucks online and a Pelikan M800 M nib for about AUD160 online. I knocked out the nibs from both the Pelikan nib assembly as well as the Vac700. I don't own a knockout block so I just hooked the assembly ring of the Pelikan nib unit/TWSBI nib unit on the edge of my desk then gently but firmly tapped using a Victorinox knife (with the knife folded)... For the TWSBI unit I used a sharpened yakitori bamboo stick to knock out the feeder. I did have a bin underneath to catch the nib just in case it came off too suddenly though this was not needed in the end.

Knocked out Pelikan and TWSBI nibs
I applied a coat of nail polish on the top surface of the butt end of the Pelikan nib; supposedly a Pelikan gold nib is a little thinner than the steel TWSBI nib (I read somewhere online but I cannot remember where) and a coat of the nail polish compensates for it. I'm not sure if that was even needed as the fit was very snag, and there was no problem in the ink flow on the chimeric pen; it writes on a wetter side though. 
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