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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lunch at Maxim de Paris (Sony Bldg., Ginza, Tokyo)

When I was in Ginza looking for a lunch... I saw that there is a Maxim de Paris branch here, and I wanted to try it out. It is located in Sony Building, and I understand that one of Sony CEO wanted this to happen. Anyway. The restaurant was booked out but I managed to get a table (for just myself) in the cafe section. I asked for today's lunch set, and got...

Seafood curry and a side dish
Mille Feuille
It was good. The curry was not very spicy. Mille Feuille was alright; never had one before so I cannot say if this was very good or not. The only negative point about this joint was smokers are very welcome here. But that's very Japanese...
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Breakfast in the Tsukiji Jounai Market (Tsukiji, Tokyo)

As I stayed in a hotel in Ginza, the famous Tsukiji market was within the walking distance. I wanted to try out the eateries of Jo-nai Shijo; the shops located within the actual market (not to be confused with the Jo-gai Shijo, a market catering for workers of the Jo-nai Shijo).

Uni (sea urchin) don and miso soup
Cha-siu egg breakfast
Super anago (sea eel) don
I also got to try out the Yoshino-ya Gyudon joint; supposedly this is the very first restaurant that started the franchise chain. I've heard and read about people who use unique shortened "code" to order for "mod" of Gyudon in this chain. I actually heard this being used here; one "negi-daku" and one "shiru-daku". Negi of course is onions, shiru is juice/sauce and "daku" is a word to describe the state of excessiveness. The guys were asking for more onions and more sauce.

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Ryo's Noodles (Gouger St., Adelaide)

Adelaide was lacking decent ramen joint. Until Ryo's Noodles landed on Gouger Street. Ryo's Noodles in Adelaide is a branch; from Sydney. A friend of mine in Sydney (who worked in Adelaide before moving on) was telling me about this place in Sydney, and I was looking forward to tasting the noodles. You could probably tell from the fact that I have this many pictures of ramen that I frequent this joint. Very often. I've already scored two free bowls of noodles from their loyalty card; one bowl will earn you a stamp on it; you need 9 bowls to get a freebie. Earlier on I found the soup was a little too salty. This was reflected on the low ratings on restaurant review web sites. They have since adjusted the saltiness of the soup, and it is much better now. If you are hungry, make sure to ask for extra noodles when you order your bowl; it does take some time if you order it after you get your bowl.

Gyokai tonkotsu ramen

Tonkotsu ramen

Stamina cold ramen

Fried rice

Rice ball (salted salmon)

Kaedama (Extra noodle)

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