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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Breakfast in the Tsukiji Jounai Market (Tsukiji, Tokyo)

As I stayed in a hotel in Ginza, the famous Tsukiji market was within the walking distance. I wanted to try out the eateries of Jo-nai Shijo; the shops located within the actual market (not to be confused with the Jo-gai Shijo, a market catering for workers of the Jo-nai Shijo).

Uni (sea urchin) don and miso soup
Cha-siu egg breakfast
Super anago (sea eel) don
I also got to try out the Yoshino-ya Gyudon joint; supposedly this is the very first restaurant that started the franchise chain. I've heard and read about people who use unique shortened "code" to order for "mod" of Gyudon in this chain. I actually heard this being used here; one "negi-daku" and one "shiru-daku". Negi of course is onions, shiru is juice/sauce and "daku" is a word to describe the state of excessiveness. The guys were asking for more onions and more sauce.

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